Expand your team's leadership skills through experiential learning
and foundational building blocks.
Reduce turnover and maximize productivity by developing your leaders.
Leadership Canvas is a 12-month leadership development program designed for current and aspiring leaders.

It is based upon:

🌟 Human Behavior
🌟 Organizational Psychology
🌟 Current Leadership Research

Leadership Canvas is based on the universal capacity for CREATIVITY!

Why does Leadership Canvas work?
We're so glad you asked! This program works because it is designed with the following research-based assertions.
  • People learn and retain information best through creativity, play, and experiential learning.
  • Learning in small doses (a.k.a. Building Blocks) increases retention and likelihood of turning learned skills into sustained behavior.
  • Addressing mindset and behavioral habits is just as important as building skillsets.

Here are some eye-opening stats:

👉 58% of workers said they left companies because of the lack of growth opportunities. (Randstand)

👉 75% of employees who voluntarily leave, quit their bosses, not their jobs. (Roger Herman)

👉 6 months is the average replacement cost of a salaried employee is six to nine months’ salary. (SHRM)

Our program is designed ideally for a 12-month engagement, which is broken down into 6-Building Blocks, delivered in 3-hour workshops every other month.

The months in between, we gather for a one (1) hour roundtable coaching discussion to turn what was learned into habit.

*We do offer individual Building Blocks, but find developing leadership skills consistently over time generates lasting results and embeds itself in your company's culture.

Building Block Topics

🟥 Building Trust as a Leader
Learn frameworks and tools for trust building and establishing psychologically safe environments for your team.

🟧 Communicating for Influence
Redefine your presentations by sharing your message in a way that feels natural, speaks to your audience, and inspires action.

🟨 Conflict Management and Resolution
Conflict is natural. Issues arise in mismanagement and avoidance. Uncover your natural conflict management style; and learn how to use a collaborative approach to conflict management.

🟩 Demystifying Innovation
Transform ideas into business value, as we demystify innovation, from theory into a method that can be applied to all areas of your business.

🟦 Developing a Collaborative Remote Team
Incorporate collaboration frameworks in your workflow so your team operates like they’re part of a team, regardless of their distance.

🟪 Story Telling for Impact
Each person and organization has a story to tell. How you tell it can create an impact on personal, professional, and organizational growth. Learn how!

🟧 Developing Equity and Inclusion on Your Team
Develop an ongoing culture of practical equity and inclusion on your team by uncovering unconscious bias, and creating ways of working that are inclusive of cultural differences.

🟨 Mentoring and Coaching Teams
Successful teams celebrate clear communication, embrace diverse voices, and create psychological safety. In this session, learn to mentor your team to build team cohesion.

🟩 Resilience and Thriving Through Change
Understand human behavior, your natural response to uncertainty, and how to help yourself and your team thrive through change.

🟦 Running Engaged (and Useful) Meetings
Engage participants in meetings (virtual and in-person) through tools that keep people 'in the room' - from planning to execution.

Happy and Creatively Confident Clients

“worksmart delivered one of the most highly-rated sessions in the series we were running. She is an excellent facilitator, perfectly balancing information with fun creative exercises!”

Willa Fogarty
"This program's insights got us rethinking how we can intertwine creativity into our work, getting out of our heads and thinking with our hands!"

Kalia Waits-Smith
Cornerstone on Demand
Ready to develop your leaders?
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